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The National Development Fund (NDF) single

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Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda - The National Development Fund (NDF)

Another way to obtain citizenship in these countries is to contribute to the world-renowned fund called the National Development Fund (FND). It is a entity controlled by Parliament to prevent corruption, which is also audited by an internationally recognized auditing firm. It is almost non-profit.

The main purpose of the foundation is to sponsor state projects. The Financial Management Act of 2006 guarantees the legality of such an entity.

To become a holder of citizenship through this method, you will be required to pay a contribution of $100,000. The entire amount is a lump sum.

Another advantage of this method is that, along with the person who applied for citizenship, his immediate family members, namely his wife/husband, his children, which cannot live alone, and his mother and father who are over the age of 58 can also receive citizenship in a single payment. However, this does not exempt them from state fees and charges.

It is relatively easy to apply: the form of the documents and all additional information can be got from a local authorized agency licensed by the Citizenship and Investment Unit (CIU).

Once the application and other documents are submitted, you will have to pay the cost of verifying that they are authentic and filled out correctly, as well as paying a 10 percent state fee. Once you are approved for all procedures, pay the remainder of the fee, passport, and make the direct payment to the NDF.

Once all your payments have been received, you will have access to a citizenship registration document for you and your relatives. The next step will be to obtain a passport and take an oath or visit a consulate to finally certify a new citizenship.

Contribution to the National Development Fund 

A. For a single applicant, or a family of 4 or less

  • US$100,000 contribution
  • Processing fees: US$30,000        

B. Family of 5 or more:-

  • US$150,000 Contribution
  • Processing Fees: US$ 30,000 plus US$15,000 for each additional dependent